الثلاثاء، 23 مارس 2010

Hi fellow colleagues
My name is Sorie Conteh, I am 18 years old Ilive in the Congo town community with my mother and I am fatherless. Ihave two brothers and one sister. I born in a village called Kwamavillage, it is located in the north part of Sierra Leone. I lost myfather during the war by a bum splash. That time I was seven yearsold. I found my family very poor. so there is no way for me tocontinue school back when I am Freetown.I later got the information about this deprived initiative for thosewho cannot afford the cost of learning and want to continue education.I started taking class, now my knowledge have advance, more like thisinternational collaborative initiative.Let this continue to be a perfect collaborative project in the future.
Hope to hear from you colleagues
Dear colleagues
My name is Kadiatu Kamara, I am 17 years old and I live indown part of Congo town community Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am aschool dropout attending the empowering children school.In Empowering children school we only have one computer that we areusing to have our introduction and word class, through empoweringchildren school, I have got basic thing in computer, that I am notbeing dreaming about, and I thank God for that, for my life to changeto an other level of education.
Bye for now.
Hope to hear from you colleagues
Hello Sinneh,i'm aysha,15 years old , thanks for sharing your story . fighting for 10 years !!! how terrible to see a child holding a weapon & fighting !! fighting for what ?? as you said you have no choice ,you're spending the whole day in working also you lost your family , family & parents means peace & safety so i hope you will be able to find your relatives soon.you deserve a good safe future , but never say you have no future , there is always hope , we can always try to reach what we want , you don't know what there will be in the future .. you just should keep trying .. the world should listen to all of you,to help giving all children at your country a better future , better life.i'll post stories from me soon,but i'll talk about me,i live in jordan, no wars here at my country but we live in a sensitive location,there were lot of wars in the past. we have free education & some other good things , i'll post later,keep in touch
Hello latifa,i'm aya ,15 years old, thanks for sharing this story with us, what you said is so terrible, to have such work for your living. people who are behind these wars for their benefits should realize that there are other people & children in the world who deserves to live their life in peace like other people & children around the world . free education is an important point , every child has the right to study & learn , these points should be spread out to the whole world again again until something is achieved

الخميس، 18 مارس 2010


I am Latifa Thomos, I am 15 years old. I lost my parent and I was left with no option because all my relatives tried to balance my responsibilities. I left school in grad 7 and have no one to give me food. Because of this I came out joining my friends in the street fighting for my survival. I was joined in to sex work by my friends because living was very heard. Prostitution work is what I’m doing for my living. It is not my wish and I want to quite what I am doing but how can I with little or no support in my present condition. In my country there is no free education. I want to go back to school. I want to be an Accountant in the future


I am Sinneh N. Sesay, I am 17 years oldI fought during the ten years war in my country. it was not my wish, I was forced, drugged and I was given gun. I didn't know what I was doing and i have no option. Either i do it and live or don't and die. see now they have destroy my future for something i do not deserve. i did not live my child hood life and i wonder if i can ever live it. I’m not even sure of what I’m going to be in the future. my future is lost. My future is the street. Everyone discriminate against me. They do not allow their children to come closer to me as they call me names like thief, trouble maker, Rebel. i just don't know how to express the way I feel.Because i have to survive i go out early in the morning to carry heavy loads on my heads for market women from there houses to the market then they paid me. Mid day i go to the mini-restaurant and wash dishes, clean up their floor then i get food to eat. Late in the evening i carry loads on my head again to their houses. i have been use as cargo train to carry food stuff for money. Oh how i wish i can discover my families who I’m not sure are alive or dead. i don't even know here to find them. I’m calling the whole world to words me and my colleagues in street. I want to be a teacher in the future. Help make me a better future